Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ambiposiosis Interview - Jeremiah Jaer

1. What does art mean to you?

some people make art and some people take art. some even buy that shit

2. Does art have spiritual resonance in today's society at large?

The door between spirit and the artist is always available, it is the artist choice to acknowledge that, it is the 'selfs' choice to acknowledge. There aren't enough mainstream artist voicing there spirit, instead we receive a mass ego display.

3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your creativity?

BET will never play my black music :(

4. Do we lack cohesiveness as artistic entities whilst creating outside of any said "ism"?

BET said they wouldn't play my black power music..

5. People are collaborating without ever actually meeting each other, are we spawning a neo-renaissance in art?

I've collabed with people i've never met and it feels like i'm playing X box live. Online gaming is creating a neo-renaissance if anything.

6. Class is insignificant when creative spirit is involved, is the artist beyond the class divide?

Great art is honest and fearless and isnt afraid to speak to the streets and still be hung at fancy galleries.

7. What is most important to you?

Live food. Enzymes.

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