Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest tracks by Ghetto Caviar - D.C.O.

Special thanks to our friend Devin Kenny for the review of the new Ghetto Caviar Mixtape "Dry Clean Only" for us recently. Check out the elequent stylings below. You can download "Dry Clean Only" right here for free!

At times haunting and epic, grating and musical , filled with ennui and frenzy, elegance and grit... "Dry Clean Only" is a must-listen from a young artist with serious chops that stretch from experimental music and noise to pop.
Only through synaesthesia can we really get at it.

Imagine the sound of a truly revolutionary Fashion: a style of dress that reflects not just a different world view, but also protects the wearer that bears the knowledge to enact that world view. Ghetto Caviar, with his nuanced ear for noise and digital lo-fi, finds himself melding styles such as house, dubstep, darkwave, industrial, trunk-banger rap, juke, powerpop, punk, and chillwave psychadelia, while never appearing hokey.

Did Sade and Nick Cave have a love child who raised himself, with occasional appearances by Candyman as a positive male role model? If so, this is the music he would make. Take a listen to , and take it to the head, I get a feeling that a sea change is on the way and this is the sound of the future.

--Devin Kenny (Friends with Benefits, Ghettophiles)

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