Sunday, August 9, 2009

Terror in the Night II.

Wicked people, hear the voice of compassion and comfort. Do not steal away in the Night to dine in filth.

The Day is bright as the Sun shines upon High. You find yourself on an open mojuntain range. The air is thin and fresh. A burst of wind hauls you sky bound causing a shortness of breath.

The people see the sky. It is black with ashes. Human being are the virus of the EARTH. Help those in need. Do as you please but don't hurt anyone.

Pass the fire of Broken Stone. The soil is amber flavored heroin. She burned the house down. The baby died. She's outside, half naked. She is begging for change. XXX personality photographs and bandages. We see ourselves in her eyes. Her slow slopiong gait. Head swooping low to the ground. Her name is You. She is addicted to heroin.

Heroin is a white crystaline powder derived from Morphine. The powerful sedative is highly addictive and death is common among it's abusers.

End frame. Exit stage right. Sour faces crumbling in a Stone Hinged night gown.

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