Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GHETTO CAVIAR (continued)

A back like a road map. Hands of leather at the end of iron arms. Wit that stings hotter than any barn-yard-nine-tails. We are leaders of nations, families, squads. We are excellent, with a cool imitated by all men. As children of such Greatness we must use our power for the betterment of all people. The black "struggle" ends in your own mind. The power to choose is the greatest of all. In the end, there need be nothing else. When faced with social ridicule, financial ruin, and in many cases death, choosing the right action is not easy. The simplicity of saying 'NO', or 'YES' is the gift given to each of us who can speak.

The new black struggle is real. I bite my tongue when using the word 'new', but only half way. It has become covert. It's a passive aggressive racism. Class distinctions separate black children into different social groups. 'Colorblindness' seems to have pulled the wool over millions of eyes. With the current state of "BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION" it appears as if we perpetuate our own suffering. Looks are not always deceiving.

Would Nat King Cole hold his head high with pride at the sight of his life's work in the hands of the likes gangsters and prostitutes? With his tenacious talent he paved the way for blacks by being the first man of color to host his own television show. As Lil' Wayne makes it rain I can only help but be afraid. I am afraid that black children will be convinced that monetary gain is the highest of achievements in life. While the music video plays another thousand times on the TV it is more than difficult to look away. The beautiful women, the money like flypaper, all expenses paid for, it all seems like fantastic reality to a child. Respect, brotherhood, health and basic love of self don't exist in my everyday life in between school and sleep. Only fast cars, easy money, and even faster and easier women.

So where does the brainwashing cease? The enlightenment begins in your mind. It starts with that power to choose to go outside and play. If you have children, choose to give them a book. The stress you go through at work will only be reinforced by the hyper-confused teenager that kid might grow up to be. The decision to turn off the TV, and talk to your kids is the best decision you have ever made. You've given that child a chance to grow past Lil' Wayne and his 'hoes' to something greater.

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  1. Blacks in this current time, in certain locations of the world, are living against time. Time is pushing our decisions and our man-made tangible problems along the line of history, and at the very tip of progression forward, is the energy of hate. Therefore, aspects of the blacks community alomst involuntarily follow, and assimilate to processes that work against our self indentity. That is why a Lil Wayne video is so tantalizing, because it tricks the black mind into thinking that that is the proper image of success. We must question and then redirect that idea of a material success to a spiritual success and human fulfillment.